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With Green Cremation, will I still receive my loved one’s ashes?

Yes. Just like in flame-based cremation, the body is reduced to its basic element of bone ash during the Green Cremation process. Once the process is complete, your family will receive your loved one’s ashes. At that time, you will have all the same final disposition options as you would have with flame-based cremation. You may choose to bury them in a cemetery plot or cremation garden, scatter the ashes, place them in a Columbarium, or even have them turned into special cremation jewelry.

How exactly does the Green Cremation process work?

It uses the natural process of water and alkalinity (potassium hydroxide) to reduce the body, like flame based cremation, to a basic element of bone ash in the same amount of time as traditional cremation. This process is also known as alkaline hydrolysis or biocremation. Alkaline hydrolysis is the natural process a body undergoes after burial, which can take up to 25 years. Green Cremation essentially accelerates this natural process to 2-3 hours in a very quiet, controlled environment. 

What service options are available with Green Cremation?

All of the same service options are available with Green Cremation as with flame-based cremation. Your family may select one of the following options:

  • A public viewing and/or funeral in a ceremonial rental casket followed by Green Cremation 
  • Green Cremation followed by a memorial service or gathering 
  • Green Cremation and a private service 
  • Green Cremation only with no services at all

Is Green Cremation a new process?

No, Green Cremation is not new. It is a well-established process that the Mayo Clinic has used for many years as a method of disposition for people who donated their bodies to science. Additionally, the process of alkaline hydrolysis was originally patented in1888. However, Green Cremation is just now becoming an option for the general public.

What are the environmental advantages to Green Cremation?

Green Cremation is a much more eco-friendly process as compared to flame-based cremation. Here are just a few environmental benefits this flameless alternative offers:

  • More than 75% reduction of carbon footprint 
  • Eliminates concerns over mercury emissions 
  • Uses 1/8 the amount of energy of flame-based cremation 
  • Pacemakers and some other medical devices do not need to be removed prior to the process as with flame-based cremation.

Where do your Green Cremations take place?

We handle all Green Cremations at our Bradshaw Celebration of Life Center in Stillwater. For those loved ones who would like to hold private family time or a short service immediately before the Green Cremation, they may do so from our green cremation area. Featuring earth-toned stucco walls, striking bluestone floors, warm lighting, a water wall and understated elegance, this tranquil space offers the perfectly peaceful setting to remember and celebrate your loved one’s unique life. We welcome you to visit the center for a tour. 

Can I visit or tour your Green Cremation space?

We urge all families who are considering their cremation options and providers to tour our beautiful facilities. Our professional staff will be happy to explain the Green Cremation process and answer any questions you may have.

Can I transfer my current prearrangements with a Cremation Society to Green Cremation?

Yes, you can easily transfer your prearrangements from a cremation society or another funeral home to Green Cremation. We accept and honor all cremation society memberships, and there is no charge or hassle involved with making this transfer. We will handle all of the details for you. If you have already decided on cremation but are looking for an even more eco-friendly option, transfer your cremation society membership to us today! Just contact us at 651.342.4040.

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